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  • [aluminum-plastic] Aluminum composite panel service life

    Aluminum composite panels have a service life of five to fifteen years, depending on how they are used. Aluminum composite panel service life will vary depending on the application environment: outdoor wall sign, ceiling kitchen, ceiling bathroom. Distinct usage will have different environmental par

  • [aluminum-plastic] How do distinguish between good and bad aluminum composite panels?

    Here are the characteristics that distinguish a good aluminum composite panel from a bad one. 1. Examine the flatness and smoothness. Check for scratches and stains on the item. 2. Feeling it to see if it fulfills the standards and if there is any related paperwork. 3. To test the plate's toughness,

  • [aluminum-plastic] What are the characteristics of the aluminum composite panel?

    An aluminum composite panel is quite popular in everyday life and is utilized in house decoration by everyone. People frequently use it to build cottages on the top level of self-built houses in rural locations. Aluminum composite panels not only protect against wind and rain but also efficiently re

  • [aluminum-plastic] advantages of aluminum-plastic panel

    In addition to aluminum, there are a few other alloys in aluminum plastic plate, and the amount of aluminum is large. And easy to process, so the price is relatively cheap. Aluminum alloy and other metals are not easy to process and have much higher strength, so the price is higher and the strength