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  • [weekly news] How should the composite aluminum panel be installed?

    1. Local analysis and installation work done following the elevation and center of civil engineering construction. The design of an aluminum composite panel is based on the shape of the building itself, but the majority of aluminum composite panels are horizontal or vertical in construction, which h

  • [weekly news] What is the proper way to maintain and clean aluminum composite panels?

    Cleaning aluminum composite panels with baking paint requires the assistance of a professional. By keeping the aluminum film clean and preventing damage, cleaning ensures the long-term quality of the corrosion-resistant coating. When aluminum composite panels are stained with hard-to-remove asphalt

  • [weekly news] What is the application range of aluminum composite panels?

    The aluminum composite panel is a new type of building decoration material. In China, it is widely used for building exterior walls, and curtain wall panels, as well as renovations and refurbishments of older buildings. The three major curtain walls include interior wall and ceiling decoration, bill

  • [weekly news] Why should we choose aluminum-plastic board? What should we pay attention to when choosing aluminum-plastic board?

    In recent years, aluminum-plastic panels have become increasingly popular, and they have become part of the public's everyday life. It is inevitable that people will ask why you choose aluminum-plastic panels. Is there another option available? What should we pay attention to when choosing an alumin

  • [weekly news] What are the methods of aluminum veneer construction?

    The installation method of aluminum veneer curtain wall is as follows:Installation method of aluminum plate curtain wall: 1. According to the axis and elevation line on the main structure, the installation position line of the support framework is accurately snapped into the main structure according

  • [weekly news] What do I need to know before I buy aluminum plastic plate? It's too late to read it after buying!

    As aluminum-plastic panels have become increasingly popular in the construction field, more and more builders and self-employed individuals are customizing and purchasing them. However, before purchasing aluminum-plastic plates, you should understand a few things. There are two types of aluminum-plate

  • [weekly news] Ten advantages of punched aluminum veneer

    With the development of economy, people's aesthetic outlook has also been improved. The design of modern architecture presents a diversified development trend. In the past, due to its traditional shape, building decoration materials could not meet the needs of designers for personalized modeling. Th

  • [weekly news] Process of customizing perforated aluminum plate

    What is punched aluminum plate? In fact, punching aluminum plate is a kind of aluminum plate that is punched on the aluminum plate by the aluminum plate processing plant using professional processing equipment, and the surface is processed by fluorocarbon or powder spraying process through numerical

  • [weekly news] Aluminum-plastic plate is both safe and beautiful

    The exterior wall of the building is also a very important part. Generally speaking, people will choose to paint to make the high-rise colorful, but the color will also fall out over time. Maybe we should consider aluminum plastic plate. What is aluminum plastic plate? What's the effect?What is alum

  • [weekly news] Let you know what aluminum plastic plate is

    Today, I would like to introduce to you what is aluminum-plastic plate: the material, classification, specification, characteristics and purpose of aluminum-plastic plate. In 3 minutes, you will thoroughly understand what aluminum-plastic plate is.What is the material composition of aluminum plastic

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