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  • [weekly news] What are the methods of aluminum veneer construction?

    The installation method of aluminum veneer curtain wall is as follows:Installation method of aluminum plate curtain wall: 1. According to the axis and elevation line on the main structure, the installation position line of the support framework is accurately snapped into the main structure according

  • [weekly news] Ten advantages of punched aluminum veneer

    With the development of economy, people's aesthetic outlook has also been improved. The design of modern architecture presents a diversified development trend. In the past, due to its traditional shape, building decoration materials could not meet the needs of designers for personalized modeling. Th

  • [weekly news] Process of customizing perforated aluminum plate

    What is punched aluminum plate? In fact, punching aluminum plate is a kind of aluminum plate that is punched on the aluminum plate by the aluminum plate processing plant using professional processing equipment, and the surface is processed by fluorocarbon or powder spraying process through numerical

  • [weekly news] Introduction to common aluminum veneer types

    Aluminum veneer is a kind of high-quality metal decorative material, which has the performance characteristics of corrosion resistance, cold and heat resistance, long service life and long-term colorfastness. It is widely used in curtain wall decoration. There are many types of aluminum veneers, inc

  • [aluminum-plastic] advantages of aluminum-plastic panel

    In addition to aluminum, there are a few other alloys in aluminum plastic plate, and the amount of aluminum is large. And easy to process, so the price is relatively cheap. Aluminum alloy and other metals are not easy to process and have much higher strength, so the price is higher and the strength