How Should You Select a High-Quality Aluminum Honeycomb Panel?

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How Should You Select a High-Quality Aluminum Honeycomb Panel?

With the rapid development of the economy, all types of high-end and high-rise buildings are sprouting up everywhere. Green building materials like aluminum wall panels and aluminum honeycomb panels are commonly employed in high-end structures. There are an increasing number of aluminum cladding and honeycomb panel manufacturers around the country, but their size is unequal, and the quality of their goods cannot be assured. As a result, it is critical to select a high-quality aluminum honeycomb panel. There are three main characteristics.

1. Honeycomb aluminum panel

Rather than the 1000 series, the material of aluminum honeycomb panel face sheet is typically chosen from the 3000 and 5000 series. Spray coating or roller painting is used for surface treatment, and the coating is polyester or fluorocarbon paint. It is preferable to use a 3-layer spray coating on outside wall panels, with a paint layer of 40m. This assures the coating's longevity, allowing the color of the honeycomb panel surface to last for a long time.

Before painting, the aluminum plate is subjected to stringent surface anodization to ensure adequate coating adherence and bonding strength with the honeycomb core.

Before painting, the aluminum plate should be strictly anodized on the surface. This procedure enables adequate coating adherence on the aluminum plate as well as bonding strength with the honeycomb core.

The face sheet and base sheet should be the same material, with an anodized surface. Protective coatings such as polyester, epoxy, or acrylic should be applied on the exposed side. During long-term exposure, the coating can protect the aluminum sheet against air corrosion.

2. Aluminized core

On the aluminum honeycomb core production line, aluminum foil and special honeycomb node glue are used to make the aluminum honeycomb core material. Aluminum foil, node glue, and honeycomb core specifications are among the parameters that influence the performance of the honeycomb core material.

Foil made of aluminum

The aluminum foil should be of the 3000 series and have a precise surface treatment. When designing goods with high strength or durability requirements, use 1100 pure aluminum as the honeycomb core material with extreme caution.


Bio-component polymer epoxy adhesive film and bi-component modified epoxy resin are used. It not only has adequate bonding strength, but it also has outstanding environmental resistance as well as high and low-temperature resistance. Due to their poor strength, common adhesives tend to degum the honeycomb core, resulting in overall failure and instability.

The honeycomb core's node strength is the primary criterion for measuring its performance, and its node strength data should be 2.0N/mm.