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Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

Our aluminum honeycomb panel use high quality imported raw materials, processing precision size. The color will not change for thirty years with the advanced pre-coated fluorocarbon paint process of the surface.

Product Introduction

The company uses two-component polymer epoxy adhesive film and two-component modified epoxy resin, fully enclosed dust-free operation, with automatic honeycomb panel composite production equipment through the combination of pressurized high-temperature, so that aluminum honeycomb panels sticky Then a more solid, more flexible bending, plate more straight, more reliable quality. All kinds of special shaped honeycomb panels such as arc plate, folding plate and trapezoid plate can be made according to the architectural design requirements. All non-planar shaped plates such as circular arc, L-shape and U-shape are formed by one-time molding through the mold. Aluminum roll with the same batch of roller, no color difference phenomenon. It* s a high-quality, light weight, high strength, and luxurious appearance of the rich green decorative materials.

Product features

Low density: The aluminum honeycomb core structure is a porous discontinuous material, and the cross section of the solid part is small, so the cell density is small.

Sound insulation and heat insulation performance: After the aluminum honeycomb core is compounded with the aluminum surface bottom plate, the space inside the space is air in the sealed state of the aluminum plate and the honeycomb structure, and the air flow is blocked in the space.

The propagation of heat and sound waves is greatly restricted, so aluminum honeycomb panels have good sound insulation and heat insulation properties.

Strong shock absorption performance: The aluminum honeycomb core is a component of the aluminum honeycomb panel, and the hexagonal structure restrains each other, like an I-beam, which can disperse the pressure from all aspects.

Superior flatness and rigidity: The honeycomb core is in a state of vertical stress. Each board has countless fixed honeycombs, which will not move, ensuring that the panel remains high and flat when subjected to pressure and impact.

Lightweight and energy-saving: the weight of honeycomb panels with the same rigidity is only 1/5 of that of aluminum and 1/10 of that of steel.

Its cost performance is significantly higher than that of aluminum sheet and aluminum veneer, which effectively saves materials.

Fire protection: The National Building Materials Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has verified that all performance indicators of this material meet the requirements of flame retardant materials.


The aluminum honeycomb panel uses high-strength 3003 aluminum alloy as the panel,

High-density aluminum honeycomb is used as the core material. The conventional thickness of the panel is 0.8mm, 1.0mm, and the overall thickness of the board is 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm. Other specifications, structures and sizes can be designed and manufactured according to needs to meet the needs of various purposes.

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