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Fire-resistant Aluminium Composite Panel

This material is one of the most popular alternatives for external fire-resistant cladding since it is economical and comes in a wide variety of appealing possibilities. It can be found in a variety of notable construction projects all over the world.

Product introduction

fire-resistant aluminium composite panel.Any construction project should prioritize fire safety, and fire-resistant aluminium panels are often used in structures. Chongqing Zhongnan Company is one of the most innovative fire-resistant materials making company now on the market. It is also world wide famous company, which ensures that it complies with a variety of fire codes all around the world.


Q:What are the fire classifications in your product?

A:Julong has taken EN 13501-1 for flammability and reaction to fire, for resistance to fire on the complete system Julong has 2 hours ASTM E119 rating. These ratings are in comparison to BS 476, ASTM E84, NFPA, DIN 4102 etc.

Q:Can ACP be classified as a green building material?

A: Yes,ACP is a Green Building material.It is because ACP panels are made of recycled materials such as aluminium polymer, and minerals.Moreover, it is possible to recycle them easily without compromising their quality or value.

Q:While fixing ACP panels, what material is used to fill gaps between the panels?

A:To fill the gaps between the two ACP panels,Silicon is used.It has both exceptional adherence and UV resistance making it ideal for exterior gap filling

Q:Does ACP usage help a building get LEED Certification Points?

A:There are LEED Rating Systems that are designed to encourage the use of eco-friendly materials derived from sustainable sources and that are recycled after they are used.Thus, VIVA emphasizes the optimum management of construction waste throughout the entire construction process with respect to the storage, the collection of recyclable materials, and the reuse of recyclable materials along with the collection of construction waste. Today, VIVA has achieved two ACP LEED points.

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