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Honeycomb Wood Panel

honeycomb wood panel is created from thin aluminium foil into hollow hexagonal structure, it's very light weight but sturdy structure. A plywood honeycomb panel is significantly lighter than a plywood sheet in same thickness. Super flatness.



1. The surface of the wood grain is rich and lifelike

Because the wood grain surface of aluminum imitation wood grain aluminum honeycomb panel is transferred to the aluminum honeycomb panel through heat transfer printing, roll coating, film coating and other processes, the user's choice of famous wood grain is relatively easy to achieve, and the cost is low.

2. Good sound insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation and fire prevention

3. Good flatness and rigidity


1. Mainly due to interior and outdoor decoration. It can also be utilized as processing materials for some furniture. The substance itself is relatively environmentally friendly, therefore it is non-toxic and green, and it is quite safe to use.

2. It can also be utilized for various components of buses or subways. The stiffness is quite powerful, and it has good shockproof effect, and the anti-collision is also very strong.

3. It can also be employed in some aviation production, or shipboard building

Performance of wood like aluminum honeycomb panel:

(1) Fire protection: aluminum plate is non combustible material.

(2) Corrosion resistance: the surface of aluminum honeycomb plate is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon, which has strong corrosion resistance. There are no pinholes, cracks and bubbles after salt spray for 48 hours.

(3) Environmental protection: Lvjing building materials aluminum honeycomb panel is a pure aluminum product, which does not volatilize gases harmful to human body, is non radioactive and can be recycled.

(4) Aluminum honeycomb plate is easy to disassemble and assemble, and will not damage the plate. Because of its light weight and convenient transportation, it can be transported to different places for repeated utilization. This is incomparable with other partition plates.

honeycomb wood panel (2)honeycomb wood panel (1)

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