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Aluminium Composite Panel Sheets for Construction

aluminium composite panel sheets for construction is a type of material is specially designed for the construction of ventilated facades, their renovation or rehabilitation. It provides solutions that can be adapted to all fields of architecture.


Product introduction


As a result of the numerous benefits that these aluminium composite panel sheets for construction offer, they are increasingly being used in a variety of settings, including outdoor occasions and outdoor ones.

In addition to being employed as curtain wall panels and in the process of renovating older structures, the outside applications most frequently include cladding, partitioning, and the construction of exterior walls.

The interior events may involve, among other things, the decoration of the ceiling, the avoidance of dust and purification, as well as the display stands for advertising signs.


Characteristics of aluminum-plastic board: the board surface is flat, the color is uniform, the color difference is small (directional), the body is light, and has a certain degree of stiffness and strength. Because the surface of the board is coated with fluorocarbon paint, it has the advantages of acid-base corrosion resistance, chalking resistance, UV radiation resistance and no discoloration, but it is not like "easy to process, simple woodworking tools can be processed on site", which is unrealistic. Generally, the aluminum-plastic plate is not fire-proof. When the surface encounters high temperature, the aluminum plate will bubble. If the 0.5mm aluminum plate encounters fire, it is easy to melt, and the interlayer PE and PVC will burn, emitting harmful gases, which is in danger of suffocation. Aluminum plastic composite board is widely used in all aspects because of its excellent characteristics. For example, in the reconstruction of old buildings with curtain walls (low floors), a large number of Street store decoration, interior decoration, interior column wrapping, interior office partition, furniture, vehicle interior decoration, etc. And in order to reduce the light pollution of the large-area hidden frame glass curtain wall, the composite plate ribbon curtain wall is used in the opaque part of the low-level curtain wall to reduce the large-area mirror effect of the hidden frame glass curtain wall.

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