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aluminum-plastic composite panel

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  • [weekly news] Aluminum-plastic plate is both safe and beautiful

    The exterior wall of the building is also a very important part. Generally speaking, people will choose to paint to make the high-rise colorful, but the color will also fall out over time. Maybe we should consider aluminum plastic plate. What is aluminum plastic plate? What's the effect?What is alum

  • [weekly news] Let you know what aluminum plastic plate is

    Today, I would like to introduce to you what is aluminum-plastic plate: the material, classification, specification, characteristics and purpose of aluminum-plastic plate. In 3 minutes, you will thoroughly understand what aluminum-plastic plate is.What is the material composition of aluminum plastic

  • [weekly news] Installation and construction of aluminum plastic plate

    How to install aluminum-plastic plate?1. Carry out local analysis and installation work according to the center and elevation of civil engineering construction. The design of aluminum-plastic plate is based on the shape of the building itself, but most aluminum-plastic plates are composed of horizon

  • [weekly news] How to choose an aluminum-plastic plate manufacturer? Remember these five points!

    It is also a very important link to find reliable cooperative manufacturers when purchasing aluminum-plastic plates. So how can we choose a high-quality manufacturer? This has also become our most concerned and thorny thing, but don't worry, I bring you dry goods sharing today. At 5 o'clock, I will

  • [aluminum-plastic] advantages of aluminum-plastic panel

    In addition to aluminum, there are a few other alloys in aluminum plastic plate, and the amount of aluminum is large. And easy to process, so the price is relatively cheap. Aluminum alloy and other metals are not easy to process and have much higher strength, so the price is higher and the strength