How to choose an aluminum-plastic plate manufacturer? Remember these five points!

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How to choose an aluminum-plastic plate manufacturer? Remember these five points!

It is also a very important link to find reliable cooperative manufacturers when purchasing aluminum-plastic plates. So how can we choose a high-quality manufacturer? This has also become our most concerned and thorny thing, but don't worry, I bring you dry goods sharing today. At 5 o'clock, I will teach you how to identify high-quality manufacturers!

When choosing manufacturers, most purchasing will pay attention to the quotation of manufacturers, which leads to the situation that the lower the price is, the more popular it is, resulting in a bad price war in the market. In order to reduce costs, many manufacturers produce with low-quality raw materials, shoddy. If they are inexperienced purchasing, they will suffer a lot.


There are many standards for selecting high-quality manufacturers, among which the key factors include product quality, supply speed, price, engineering cases, etc. next, I will share five points:

There are many production equipment, large-scale factory personnel, strong financial force, large working capital and high capital turnover capacity.

The production cycle is short and the supply speed should be fast, which cannot affect the use of subsequent construction periods. Once there is a supply loophole, the loss is very heavy, which will not only waste human resources, but also lengthen the whole construction period and increase the cost.

3. There are many engineering cases. If you want to judge how a manufacturer is, it must be inseparable from engineering cases. You also need to go to the field to investigate and understand, and you can also judge the after-sales service ability of the manufacturer. Manufacturers with many engineering cases have rich experience, and the quality is naturally more guaranteed.

4. Direct supply. Direct supply is even more critical. Many manufacturers create an illusion of mass production. In essence, they are just leather bag manufacturers, earning a middle price difference and running a single order. Therefore, we must ensure that manufacturers produce directly and supply directly.

5. Attentive service. As mentioned before, aluminum-plastic plate is a semi-finished product, which requires the participation of manufacturers in the process of purchase, engineering design, supply and construction. Therefore, subsequent service and after-sales guarantee are very important.

So to sum up, when choosing a manufacturer, we must choose a brand with good reputation and reputation, so that we can not only be assured of product quality, but also reflect our due strength in after-sales service. There will be no delay in the construction period.