Installation and construction of aluminum plastic plate

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Installation and construction of aluminum plastic plate

How to install aluminum-plastic plate?

1. Carry out local analysis and installation work according to the center and elevation of civil engineering construction. The design of aluminum-plastic plate is based on the shape of the building itself, but most aluminum-plastic plates are composed of horizontal or vertical, and its structure affects the work of vertical projection to a certain extent.

2. Connect and fix the connector to the bottom of the line, fix the connector with electric welding, and coat the antirust paint on the weld. The connector is welded and fixed by components embedded in the integrated structure. The steel parts embedded in the main structure can be drilled in the main structure and fixed with steel connectors.

3. Install the frame by welding. Check the elevation and center position at any time during installation. On the other hand, the cross-section weld is coated with antirust paint and needs to be hidden with fixed connectors.

4. Install the framework. The skeleton is connected by welding. Check the elevation and center position at any time during installation. At the same time, the section weld shall be treated with anti-corrosion paint. The fixed connector is hidden. Inspection records include weld length, thickness and position. Set the elevation, volume, and embedding depth.

5. Fix the aluminum-plastic plate on the inner frame of the profile. First, tap the screw hole to tighten it. Fix the aluminum-plastic plate on the steel frame with rivets. The gap between the plates is 10-15 mm, and silica gel is injected. It is forbidden to tear off the wrapping paper before installing the weatherproof sealant aluminum plate. It is not completed until the protective film of the package is removed. The construction must be carried out in the specified direction, that is, with the arrow direction on the aluminum-plastic plate.


Precautions for installation and assembly of aluminum plastic plate

1. Check the structural drawings and dimensions measured on site in detail to ensure that the design and detailed processing are perfect. At the same time, check carefully in the structural node diagram. Find the mismatched parts and repair the design as soon as possible.

2. Check whether the quality of horizontal and vertical keels meets the requirements of the drawing. The installation of horizontal and vertical keels shall comply with the requirements of design specifications.

Don't miss the connecting cable. In order to ensure the accuracy of the mounting plate, the theodolite must be used to drill the beam and horse beam components, and the deformed and sunk joints must be properly handled to meet the application requirements.

3. The material and processing shape of metal connector must meet the design requirements. The material also needs factory certificate and re inspection report.

4. The connection between the connector and the vertical keel must be reliable, and the spring ring must be watertight.

5. Check the material, surface color, strength, appearance, processing accuracy, etc. of the aluminum-plastic plate to confirm that it meets the design and standards.