advantages of aluminum-plastic panel

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advantages of aluminum-plastic panel

In addition to aluminum, there are a few other alloys in aluminum plastic plate, and the amount of aluminum is large. And easy to process, so the price is relatively cheap. Aluminum alloy and other metals are not easy to process and have much higher strength, so the price is higher and the strength is also very high. It can improve the flatness and performance of aluminum-plastic composite plate.


1、 Easy to process.

The weight of aluminum-plastic plate per square meter is only about 3.5-5.5 kg, which reduces the damage caused by earthquake disasters and is easy to manage. Simple, cutting, planing, bending, right angles of various shapes can be changed with the designer, which is convenient for installation, fast, and reduces the construction cost. The aluminum mold making environment is clean and tidy. It can promote love and care for workers, and waste less after construction. The formwork materials can be recycled. It conforms to the concept of green environmental protection and brings good social benefits.

2、 Excellent fire resistance

The center of the aluminum-plastic plate is PE plastic core material, flame-retardant material, and the aluminum layer on both sides makes the aluminum layer difficult to burn. Therefore, it is a kind of safety refractory material that meets the fire resistance requirements of the building standards law.

3、 Impact resistance and high impact resistance

Toughness, even if the finish is bent, it will not be damaged. Strong impact resistance, no wind sand damage in windy sand areas. Aluminum plastic plate has strong load-bearing capacity, which can withstand greater pressure than ordinary aluminum plate. Ensure the stability of the building and reduce potential safety hazards in the construction process. Aluminum plastic plate is widely used and has simple structure.

4、 Color persistence

Using advanced painting technology, it has good light resistance and unique advantages of light resistance. The hot sun, cold wind and snow do not damage the beautiful appearance, and can last for 20 years. The coating is uniform and bright.

5、 Easy to use and low maintenance cost

Aluminum plastic plate has advantages in economic factors such as construction efficiency. During the construction period, the maintenance cost, personnel requirements, mechanical requirements and the number of reuse are considerable. The total cost of aluminum plastic plate can be the same as that of traditional aluminum plate system and lower. It can bring better economic benefits and solve the leakage problems of external walls, doors and windows, toilets and so on. Moreover, the aluminum-plastic plate technology does not need the assistance of mechanical equipment in the construction process, but only needs its own splicing and installation, which is convenient.

These are the advantages and characteristics of aluminum-plastic plate. Aluminum plastic plate is a very practical and environment-friendly building material. The modeling time is short and the installation speed is fast. It's really good