What are the methods of aluminum veneer construction?

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What are the methods of aluminum veneer construction?

The installation method of aluminum veneer curtain wall is as follows:

Modeling aluminum veneer (1)

Installation method of aluminum plate curtain wall: 1. According to the axis and elevation line on the main structure, the installation position line of the support framework is accurately snapped into the main structure according to the design requirements, providing a basis for bone installation. 2. Install the connector, weld and fix the connector and embedded parts on the main structure. When there are no embedded iron parts on the main structure, the expansion bolts and connecting iron parts can be drilled on the main structure.

3. According to the snapping position, install the framework and accurately fix the antirust steel framework on the connector with welding or bolts. The elevation and centerline position shall be checked at any time during installation The vertical pole of aluminum plate curtain wall framework of high-rise external wall must be measured with measuring instruments and plummets, and its position shall be corrected to ensure the verticality and flatness of the vertical pole.

4. Use rivets or bolts to fix the aluminum alloy plate veneer on the profile steel frame one by one. The gap between plates is 10 ~ 15mm, and the installation error is adjusted.

5. The gaps between aluminum plates shall be pressed with rubber strips or injected with elastic materials such as silicone sealant for waterproofing.

6. The treatment of expansion joints of aluminum plate curtain wall must meet the design requirements. The elastic neoprene molding belt is generally used for the treatment of expansion joints, which is pressed into the joint anchor to play the role of connection and sealing.

7. The curtain wall shall be closed according to the design requirements. The edge closing plate formed by aluminum plate can also be used for the square hanging pipe at the wall edge All connection cards are covered, and the anchors can be bolted with connectors installed on the wallboard to ensure aesthetic appearance.

8. Clean the board surface, remove the masking paper on the board surface and clean the board surface.