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Art Design Punching Aluminum Veneer

Respecting nature and conforming to its high-quality design concept are important to us. When industrialization and urbanization change the environment in which we live, our artisans strive to achieve a balanced and self-renewing environment, reproduce the second nature, and present a beautiful environment to live in.

Group profile

In 1980, Chongqing Zhongnan Julong Industrial Group was established in Chongqing with the aim of becoming an international high-tech enterprise capable of performing independent research and development, manufacture, distribution and export services.

Having been founded in the city of Bazhou in the province of Hebei in 2009, the company expanded to Bazhou in 2017 after being founded there in 2009.Chongqing Dazu Industrial Park is situated in Chongqing, which is the city in which the company is headquartered, and it covers a total area of more than 100 acres.As a world-class group with globally renowned technical expertise, modern production technologies, and a modern management system, this company’s research, production, and office facilities are equipped with a green and intelligent environment.As part of this group, there are three companies: bazhou Julong Building Materials Co., Ltd., tianjin Baililong International Trade Co., Ltd., as well as Jixiang Century New Material Technology Co.The company was born based on the founding of Jixiang Bangxin Engineering Technology Co.Ltd., as well as other four subsidiaries of the group.

It has been determined that these products are fireproof and environmentally friendly as a result of the tests conducted by the relevant national departments throughout the country, and they are being sold throughout the country as well as being exported to countries throughout the world, such as Europe, America, the Middle East, and Africa. The most common use of this material is to decorate airport terminals, high-speed rail stations, as well as advertising doors placed on building curtain walls for advertising purposes.Users and society alike have praised it highly and given it great trust and praise, both domestically and internationally.

Product Introduction

In order to maintain a high level of quality, we respect nature and adhere to its high-quality design concept.In an age of industrialization and urbanization, when the environment in which we live is changing, our artisans strive to create an environment that is balanced, self-renewing, reproducing the natural habitats of the second nature, and creating an environment that is beautiful to live in.For instance, carved paintings are a type of painting that is distinctively associated with a unique urban culture, a unique architectural style, a distinctive landscape, and a distinctive spirit.The changes in our city are recorded by our artisans through the work they create.

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