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Aluminum Single Veneer Panel

A new line of aluminum single veneer panel has been introduced by Chongqing Zhongnan Julong company to fulfill the growing need in the industry for aluminum single veneer that use a lower amount of natural resources. Because of their modest weight, lightweight panels help to minimize CO2 emissions during the panel manufacturing process, as well as transportation costs.


1.light weight, good stiffness, high strength

2.Good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Surface coating has strong weather resistance and ultraviolet resistance, color and lustre stay for a long time, good corrosion resistance

3.Good in usability. Using spray painting procedure after processing first, aluminum plate can be treated into plane, rich color so that select pace is large.

4. Uniform coating, color diversity. Advanced electrostaticspraying technique lets the paint bonding to aluminum sheet be homogeneous, color variety, choosing space is large.

5.Easy cleaning and maintenance.

6.The acid-proof alkaline is nice.

Our workshop

• Advanced equipment

Chongqing Zhongnan Julong Industrial Group Co.,LTD. In order to ensure product quality, the company utilizes first entry equipment, advanced technology, professional detection personnel, and advanced detection equipment. A sequence of layers of checks begins with the procurement of raw materials, continues with the manufacturing of semi-finished products, and finally ends with the packaging of finished products, ensuring the quality of the finished product.

• Program accuracy

As part of the company's testing and development activities, product tests, experiments and research are conducted at the company's Development and Testing Center. Mirror burnish sets the first measuring instruments, the coating pencil scratch hardness meter, the electronic display tensile testing machine, the analytic balance, the film experimentation apparatus used to test solvent resistance and competition, the adhesion tester, the ultraviolet aging chamber, the second-round salt test chamber, and a host of other equipment. The process is rigorous, the data is precise, and the results are in accordance with the requirements.

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