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Aluminum Solid Panel

Aluminum solid panel is made of pure aluminum sheet. aluminum solid panel is recognized for its non-combustibility, flat surface, high rigidity, diverse colors and finish, easy processing, outstanding resistance against weather and pollution.

Thanks to these key advantages, it is born for exterior facade, rain screen wall cladding, roofing, tunnel lining and so on.


Using AA3003/AA1100 Pure aluminum, thickness is 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4mm for cladding  normally.

Surface treatment is powder coated and PVDF, Color can be customized as per project requirement even quantity is small.

Materials is recyclable.


Aluminum solid panel material cost is higher much than ACP, as it is pure aluminum, not plastic.

Installation cost is low, and easy to fix on the support frame, just use screws.


1.Buildings outer-wall, curtain wall.

2.Redecoration of old buildings outer-wall.

3.Balconies, installation units,indoor partitions .


5. Inner-wall decorating panel, ceilings, advertisement signboard

6.Industrial usage, vehicle bodies


1.Super peeling strength

2.Excellent surface flatness and smoothness

3.Superior weather, corrosion, pollutant resistance

4.Even coating, various colors

5.Fireproof, excellent heat and sound insulation

6.Superior impact resistance

7.Lightweight and easy to process

8.Easy to maintain, self-clean


1. Fire resistance is good, can meet high building fireproof requirement.

2. Perfect Acid, alkali and corrosion resistance performance.

3. Can design and produce 3D pattern, can be perforated and curved, meet different building facade designs.


Aluminum solid panel can keep 30years when using at exterior and interior.

Further Trends

Aluminum solid panel will be more popular for the Architects and Owners.

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aluminum solid panel (1)aluminum solid panel (1)

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