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Stone Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

With aluminum honeycomb panels, marble composite panels can get as thick as 5mm, but ceramic/granite composite panels can't get bigger than 12mm. You'll save money on transportation because it's light. Less weight means less stress on the building.

The architecture industry is in high demand for stone honeycomb panels right now. It's a good idea to use stone honeycomb panels in architecture projects for four reasons.

1. Compact.

A marble composite panel can be as thick as 5mm with aluminum honeycomb panels, while a ceramic/granite composite panel cannot get any thicker than 12mm from aluminum honeycomb panels. Due to its light weight, you will be able to save money on transportation costs as well.By reducing the weight of the building, they will be less stressed.There will also be a reduction in the weight of the panel itself.Depending on how a building is constructed, it might be limited in terms of how much weight it can carry, which is why this type of structure is necessary.

2. Superb strength and performance.

A stone honeycomb panel can be created by combining marble, ceramic tile, granite, and aluminum honeycomb panels in order to achieve a higher density than would be possible when using traditional stone slabs. During the transport, assembly, or use of the component, there is no longer a risk of serious damage occurring as a result of the component's enhanced quality and bending resistance.

3. More anti-pollution power.

With time, the marble surfaces are revealed by the cement wet stick covering the original boards (which are typically found in boatyards).After cleaning and repainting, they are reinstalled.The stone honeycomb panels, since they are hard and stable, and have a thin layer of glue on them, these problems are not a concern because the panels are hard and stable.

The fourth is.There are different ways in which you can control the colors.

The marble honeycomb panel can be divided into 3 or 4 pieces if the original slabs are of size 3M2 or 4M2, instead of the original slabs being of size 1M2.A consistency of pattern and color can be achieved when the slices are of the same size, since the pattern is similar and the colors are similar.

stone aluminum honeycomb panel (2)(1)stone aluminum honeycomb panel (1)(1)

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