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Curved Shape Aluminium Solid Panel

The curved shape aluminum solid panel is a new lightweight building decoration material made of high quality aluminum alloy sheet, with numerical control and surface coating.

Light weight, good strength, high impact. Excellent strength properties are sufficient to ensure long-term smoothness, wind resistance and earthquake resistance.


An aluminum solid panel is a new lightweight building decoration material with a curved shape made with high quality aluminum alloy sheets coated with a numerically controlled surface.Lightweight and strong, it has a high impact resistance as well as excellent strength properties that make it more resistant to wind and earthquakes for long-term smoothness.Olefin coatings are corrosion resistant and weather resistant and have a long service life.Despite intense ultraviolet radiation, it is colorful and does not fade easily, has a powdery coating that is evenly coated and does not fade easily.It is a good craft, the aluminum plate is first processed and then spray painted, it is possible to machine the aluminum plate into a variety of complex shapes, for example planes, arcs, balls, and it is also possible to use hollow out and punching technology, which increases the sense of art, and it can be combined with glass curtain wall to attain different appearances and make the building look more elegant.

Application range of curved shape aluminum solid panel:

This product can be used for numerous purposes in the building industry, including interior and exterior walls, airports, gymnasiums, subways, schools, pedestrian overpasses, viaducts, garages, hospitals and advertising signs. Curved aluminum solid panels can also be used for mounting on curved aluminum solid frame columns.

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