How to judge the quality of aluminum veneer

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How to judge the quality of aluminum veneer

  We have shared before, according to the aluminum veneer national testing standard "aluminum veneer for building decoration (GB/T 23443-2009)", from 7 aspects can determine the quality of an aluminum veneer.

  Some partners said, seven aspects of the test project although detailed, but too theoretical, there is no more specific method?

  There are some ways.

Three key points, so you learn to initially judge the quality of a piece of aluminum veneer, selected high-quality aluminum veneer:

1.View product packaging information

  • In general, each packaging unit aluminum veneer products, there should be the following signs: company name, product name, product mark, production batch number, color and coating type, aluminum brand,trademark, production date, directional requirements should indicate the production or installation direction, quantity, quality inspection qualified mark.

  • Through the aluminum veneer logo and product certification and other packaging information, we can initially determine whether a piece of aluminum veneer for qualified products.

2.eye and hand touch preliminary screening

  • Seeing and touching is one of the most intuitive ways to view and screen the quality of aluminum veneer products.

  • Through the eye hand touch, we can clearly see, aluminum veneer panel is flat, the side has no burr, cracked edge, there is no open welding, color is consistent, pattern is clear, there is no obvious  scratches, there is no obvious indentation marks.

  • In addition, the quality of aluminum veneer products or samples, can be used as one of the bases of aluminum veneer manufacturers production and processing, spraying, welding and other strength.

3.Be wary of low price aluminum veneer

  • A lot lower than the general price of the market offer, must be wary!

  • Some aluminum veneer manufacturers in order to attract customers, to low price offer, but the result is to cut corners, reduce the thickness of aluminum plate, in order to achieve the product thickness    required by customers, spray primer and then spray it thick. This practice will affect the quality of the  product, and easy to make the aluminum plate fading discoloration.

  • The thickness of aluminum veneer is divided into the thickness of aluminum veneer base plate and the thickness of finished aluminum veneer.

  • Aluminum veneer using different surface treatment will make the same base plate thickness of aluminum veneer, processed into different finished thickness of aluminum veneer. Generally speaking,  the surface treatment thickness of powder coating will be thicker than the surface treatment thickness of spray painting.

  • The national standard allows the existence of ± 0.15mm aluminum veneer thickness deviation.

    Whenever, the premise of cost saving, we must first ensure the quality of aluminum veneer products and      decorative engineering quality.