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Anti-static Aluminium Composite Panel

Anti-static aluminium composite panel performance of the ThermHex panel with air entrapped in the honeycomb cells is highly good and is substantially superior compared to metals, glass or sandwich panels with solid polymer cores.

Product introduction

This is owing to the fact that the thermal conductivity of the solid PP core in the in the standard panel is roughly 0.2 Wm-1K-1 while a typical ThermHex PP honeycomb core has a thermal conductivity of approximately 0.07 Wm-1K-1.


Made in highly efficient continuous process

Reduced production costs vs sandwich panels created using standard production technique

High flexural stiffness

Low weight \sHigh aesthetics

High thermal insulating capabilities

Eco-friendly and recyclable


anti-static aluminium composite panel is formed of aluminum alloy material by melting, casting and machining, therefore the dimensional precision is great. The aluminum alloy floor board base will not be bent due to water immersion and dampness, and will not corrode, so it has a long service life. anti-static aluminium composite panel is a nonflammable and nonflammable metal material, so it has strong fire resistance. Anti-static aluminium composite panel base offers great recycling value and renovation and reuse value.


What is the aluminium alloy grade we use?

A:We offer alloy grades 1100,3003, 3105, and 5005. Our product line includes the 3000 series.

Q:What Is The Thickness Of Bottom And Top Coils?

A :Our coil thickness ranges from 0.50 mm for exterior grade to 0.10 mm for partition panels and 0.08 mm for metal laminate/bus bodies.

Q:What is the warranty period for our ACP?

A:Due to VIVA’s confidence in the durability of its ACP panels, we offer a minimum warranty period of 10 years

Q:What all is covered under the warranty?

A:All manufacturing defects are covered under warranty, including delamination, changes in uniformity of colour, gloss reduction and colour changes. Even when the Stove-lacquered surface coating is exposed to harsh weather conditions, it won’t peel, flake, blister, or crack, except for minor cracking.

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