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Honeycomb Panels Usa

This material is the best solution for glazing and cladding problems over the long term.Many types of panels of this kind are used in renovating older buildings, bringing more aesthetically pleasing appearances to dated offices and residential blocks.

85Product introduction

Using two different types of polyurethane glue and thermal lamination, two sheets of aluminum are laminated to a honeycomb core to create honeycomb panels usa.This building material is designed to mimic the hexagonal structure of a natural beehive; as a result, it is lightweight, sturdy, and stable.

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The following are a few of the popular uses of this economical and versatile product for architecture and construction.

· The cladding of buildings, both internally and externally.

· Colour insulated panels for doors or windows.

· Facade glazing for an architectural feature or thermal performance.

· Partitions and internal walls.

· Signs and display boards.

Above all else, these panels are easy to install, easy to handle, and easy to transport to site

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