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Aluminum Coil with High Quality

Producing aluminum coil can be done in a way that is both more efficient and less costly than producing many other types of metal coil. In addition to these benefits, it is recyclable, resists corrosion, and has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.

Product introduction

aluminum coil with high quality is a long strip of metal that has been coiled into a dense coil.


Q:What is the source of our aluminium coils?

A:Hindalco, a company owned by Aditya Birla, supplies us with alloy aluminum coils of the 3003/ 3105/5000 series.

Q:Which standard is followed in coating of Aluminum Coil for ACP?

A:AAMA 2620/2605 is followed. AAMA stands for American Architectural Manufacturers Associations.

Q:How does the performance of paints differ with thickness?

A:The performance of paint increases with an increased thickness under a stipulated range set by AAMA. Two coats PVDF has a durability of 10 years and by increasing it to three coats the durability increases by 5 to 10 years.

Q:Does weathering of paint depend on coil thickness?

A:No, the paint weathering has nothing to do with the sub-surface.

Q:Why is the life of metallic colors lesser than solid colors?

A:Metallic colors obtain their gloss from organic pigments. These pigments have higher quantity of polyester contents compared to PVDF which provides the gloss, however, it reduces the life of the paint when used in the exterior. This is the reason why metallic colors have lesser life than solid colors. They lose their gloss much early than solid colors. This is in accordance to AAMA 2605 which states that in 10 years gloss remaining should be 50% of the original


1. 2 series aluminum coils at this stage, the imported aluminum coils are mainly used by Korean and French manufacturing enterprises. With the development trend of aerospace work in China, the aluminum plate production process of 2000 series products will be further improved.

2. 3 series is basically used in central air conditioning, refrigerators, chassis and other wet and cold natural environments. The price is higher than 1000 series products. It is a relatively common aluminum alloy series products.

3. 5 series aluminum coils are common at the airline level, such as aircraft fuel tanks. It is also widely used in basic industrial production. The production process is steel rolling mill, which belongs to hot rolled aluminum plate series products, so it can be used for air oxidation production and processing. In our 5000 series products, aluminum plate belongs to one of the relatively perfect aluminum plate series products.

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