Ten advantages of punched aluminum veneer

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Ten advantages of punched aluminum veneer

With the development of economy, people's aesthetic outlook has also been improved. The design of modern architecture presents a diversified development trend. In the past, due to its traditional shape, building decoration materials could not meet the needs of designers for personalized modeling. Therefore, the emergence of punched aluminum veneer is very consistent with the needs of modern decoration materials.


Perforated aluminum plate, also known as perforated aluminum plate, is an aluminum plate produced by the traditional flat aluminum plate in the sheet metal process by using various numerical control processing equipment to process various shapes of holes according to the customer's customized requirements and the actual engineering conditions, and by fluorocarbon paint or powder spraying art. In addition to the advantages of traditional aluminum plate, perforated aluminum plate also has a variety of perforation styles. The filler on the back of aluminum plate can absorb sound insulation and is the conference center Ideal for decoration of hotels and other places. If it is used for building exterior wall, the wind can pass through through the punching hole, so as to reduce the wind resistance and increase the beauty.

Ten advantages of stamping aluminum veneer:

1. Light weight, good rigidity and high strength: 3.0mm perforated aluminum veneer weighs 8kg per square meter, and the tensile strength is 100-280n / mm.

2. Good processability: since the process of processing first and spraying later is adopted, the aluminum plate can be customized into a plane Complex shapes such as arcs or spheres. It has high process accuracy and does not damage the surface. The processing is cutting under the cooling state, without deformation. The cutting surface is smooth and free of thorns and burrs, and the cutting gap is small. It can adapt to various high-precision production, complex patterns, large-scale cutting and other patterns.

3. Punched aluminum veneer has specific advantages of fire prevention, moisture-proof and corrosion prevention.

4. The aluminum veneer has strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance and UV resistance Strong crack resistance, the service life of punched aluminum veneer sprayed with fluorocarbon paint can reach 20 years, without fading and deformation, with excellent performance.

5. Punched aluminum veneer can be customized according to customer requirements to meet the personalized modeling needs of different customers.

   6. Punching aluminum veneer is convenient for installation and construction Fast. The aluminum veneer is processed and formed in the sheet metal workshop. There is no need to cut on the construction site, and it only needs to be fixed on the skeleton. The installation and maintenance are simple and flexible.

7. The aluminum veneer is not easy to stain, which is conducive to cleaning and maintenance. It is difficult to attach pollutants on the surface, and has good self-cleaning property.

8. Punching aluminum veneer can significantly reduce noise.

9. Light weight, strong plasticity and good durability. The recovery rate of punched aluminum veneer reaches 100%, which is green and environmentally friendly.

10. Punched aluminum veneer is durable, with guaranteed quality and more than 15 years warranty.

It can be seen that many advantages of punched aluminum veneer have been widely used in exterior wall decoration and ceiling and wall of indoor high-end decoration projects, with strong decorative performance, and it is suitable for exterior wall decoration of large buildings, multi-functional restaurants, lecture halls, opera houses, reception halls, concert halls, hotels, leisure and entertainment places. In addition, punched aluminum veneer can also be used for column wrapping and outdoor decoration such as balcony decoration.