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Granite Look Aluminium Honeycomb Panel

It protects the structure from noise and sunlight while also shielding it from rain, wind, and snow. In an ideal situation, the cladding honeycomb panels would look fantastic, would endure a long time, and would make the residents feel happy.

Product introduction

granite look aluminium honeycomb panel feature a covering of granite look color on one side and a true granite look surface on the other side, both of which are supported by aluminum honeycomb. In addition to being carefully tested for lengthy extreme exterior circumstances, genuine marble honeycomb panel is the most often used outside cladding decoration.


The granite look aluminium honeycomb panel is used for a variety of applications and in various sectors, such as: public, marine industry, building industry, etc...In granite look aluminium honeycomb panel, aluminum honeycomb is used as the core material and is used in: floors, roofs, doors, partitions, facades, working surfaces as well as a variety of other applications.This applies to all products that require a high stiffness-to-weight ratio in order to be effective.


1. Reduce weight and load

The stone honeycomb plate can be as thin as 3mm thick, and its quality is only at least 1/5 of that of 18mm stone, which greatly reduces the quality of stone honeycomb plate. The reduction of quality means that more stone products can be transported, which greatly saves the logistics cost, and the transfer cost of stone products in the processing process can also be greatly reduced. The more significant aspect of energy saving and consumption reduction is the load-bearing limit of buildings. Stone honeycomb panels can greatly reduce the quality of stones, greatly reduce the impact of stones on the load-bearing safety of buildings, and improve the load-bearing safety of buildings.

2. High strength and safety

The bending strength, bending strength and shear strength of marble and stone honeycomb panel composites are significantly improved, and the damage rate in transportation, installation and use is greatly reduced. Especially for the stone with cracks and loose materials used for the installation of the outer wall, because there are aluminum honeycomb behind the stone, the stone honeycomb plate has played a comprehensive reinforcement role for the stone, greatly improving the strength of the stone, and firmly combining the stone with the stone honeycomb plate, making the original fragile and loose stone stronger, some of which are much higher than the original stone itself.

granite look aluminium honeycomb panel (2)granite look aluminium honeycomb panel (1)

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