Useful Suggestions: Color-Coated Aluminum Coil Quality Inspection

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Useful Suggestions: Color-Coated Aluminum Coil Quality Inspection

Color-coated aluminum across the coil is becoming increasingly popular among professionals from various business sectors. The coil has a variety of benefits and is useful in industries such as electronic appliances and aluminum panel sheets. The high demand for color-coated aluminum coils demonstrates the importance of finding the right market.

1. Physical Test

A physical test is performed to determine the thickness, color, and luster of the material. Before releasing the coil into the market for use, it is critical to perform a physical inspection to ensure that the paint has been applied properly and that the coil has been properly cured.

1.1 The film's thickness

The thickness of the film in a color-coated aluminum coil is important because it affects the performance of the paint film. If the premier coat is not applied properly, it can result in premature corrosion or poor adhesion. Underdone top coats cause premature failure and damage due to weathering.

While too little film coating reduces coil durability and performance, too much coating raises manufacturing costs, reducing product profitability.

The coils can be physically tested using a coating thickness gauge. Performance, quality, and cost are all calculated using a dry film thickness gauge.

1.2 Color testing

Because of its pre-painted colors, color-coated aluminum coil is popular among industries. To ensure customer satisfaction, the coil must maintain a consistent color. Generally, if a specific color is required, it is critical to deliver the same in the final product.

It is critical to match the consistency of the shade in each run when using repeat colors. Check the color, which should be consistent across the width of the strip, as well as the consistency between the coils.

The thickness of the film, substrate color, cure temperature, and paint formulation are all important factors to consider when determining color quality.

1.3 Gloss

Gloss adds shine to color-coated coils and makes them look uniform. Because coils are manufactured in several parts, the final product is a composite of several products. As a result, you must inspect the consistency of the gloss in the coil. If the coil's consistency is not consistent, the final product has an impact on the coil's quality and appearance.

1.4 Adherence

Color-coated panels are composed of several components that are converted resins into coils by adding various adhesion and resin. This test is used to evaluate T-bends, impact resistance, and scratch resistance.

2. Visual Examination

After you've completed the physical inspection, it's time to move on to the visual inspection. Here are a few methods for performing visual inspection tests:

2.1 Consider Different Appearance Standards

Because a color-coated aluminum coil is useful in a variety of industries, it is critical to test whether the coil is appropriate for the application. The appearance of the refrigerator, for example, differs from that of the composite panel. As a result, based on the industry of use, you must conduct a quality check with a visual inspection.

2.2 Examine for flaws

The performance of the coil is influenced by texture differences, sheet damage, and thickness inconsistency. Perform visual testing to ensure that the panel is suitable for use in various businesses.

3. Conclusion

Color-coated aluminum coil quality inspection aids in determining durability and cost. Julong is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of color-coated aluminum coils in India. To ensure the quality of the panels, we conduct stringent quality testing in our manufacturing facility.

Julong is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of aluminum panel sheet color-coated aluminum coil. Please visit to learn more about Julong's other product lines.

4. Why Should You Buy Julong Color-Coated Aluminum Coil?

Color-coated aluminum coil is popular among professionals in a wide range of industries, including appliances, composite materials, and electronics. The coils have several advantages, including being lightweight, recyclable, corrosion-resistant, and uniform in color.

Julong's impeccable aluminum composite panel sheet range has earned it a name in the national and international markets. These sheets are popular on the market due to their vibrant, colorful sheets and versatility in texture. Julong has introduced color-coated aluminum coils to expand its product line.

5. What is the definition of a color-coated aluminum coil?

Color-coated coils are aluminum coils that have been colored with a fluorocarbon or polyester coating. These are colored with PVDF/FEVE paint from reputable paint manufacturers. PPG, Spectrum, and NIPPON are a few examples.

The colors are stain and scratch-resistant. To ensure the paint's longevity, 2-3 coats are applied and then baked at high temperatures. The paint is cured to a thickness of 25-30 microns over the cold coils.

6. What Is the Advantage of Julong's Color-Coated Aluminum Coil?

The answer to what distinguishes Julong's color-coated aluminum coils from its competitors is quality. At Julong, an accelerated weather meter test is performed to determine weather resistance, while salt and spray testing is performed to determine paint warranty. In addition to these advanced tests, Julong ensures that the coils retain their range of qualities. Among them are:

6.1 Fire-resistant

Aluminum is not a flammable element. Because aluminum has a melting point of 600 degrees Celsius, there is little chance that it will burn and harm the products in the event of a fire. Its high heat resistance makes it an ideal material for cooking and electrical appliances.

6.2 Environmentally friendly and sustainable

The PVDF/FEDE coating on these coils contains active molecules that promote the formation of a protective layer on the surface. These colors do not emit any toxic gases or VOCs into the environment. Making it simple to recycle and meet environmental standards.

6.3 Color Uniformity

The coils have no deformity or color distortion, which is common in spray paint. These colors are long-lasting and resistant. These coils can be used in the cladding industry to make aluminum composite panels or solid aluminum panels.

6.4 Strength

Aluminum coils are malleable and flexible. It is simple to cut, slit, drill, join, and compress the edges. Coils can be bent and shaped to meet specific needs.

6.5 Visually Eclectic

The coils are visually stunning. At Julong, we offer PE coating on the coils, which can be matte or glossy. Aside from that, the coils come in hundreds of different colors.

The customization feature is what distinguishes Julong from its competitors. Color-coated coils can be made in any color or shape you want. These have a high gloss retention and are resistant to weather. Julong uses lead-free paints with elongation properties and less chalking to give the coils a better texture.