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Ral 1050 Galvanized Prepainted Steel Coil

ral 1050 galvanized prepainted steel coil possesses a high level of light quality, is beautiful, and has good anti-corrosion performance.Its primary applications are in the advertising and building construction industries.

Product introduction

Coated with color in `industry, the furniture industry, the household appliance industry, the electric appliance industry, and the transportation industry. Coating is applied to steel coil in order to select the appropriate resin for each application.Colorful coated steel coil is an extension of hot-dip galvanized steel coil. It is a kind of steel coil deep-processing commodity produced by first treating the appearance of galvanized steel coil collar and then coating it. It is suitable for cold bending forming and further deep-processing. It consists of cold rolled steel coil base material, galvanizing and coating. Because of its superior weather resistance, formability and recyclability, it has increasingly become a substitute for wood. Using the domestic and foreign leading particle scratch resistant coating coating technology for curing, the scratch resistance of the board is more than 5 times higher than that of the general construction board, and it can resist the scratch of sharp objects. It is mainly used in garage doors, rolling shutter doors and windows, household appliances and other fields.

Why us

The Chongqing Zhongnan Julong firm is one of the biggest makers of various related products and best-in-class leading facade materials. As a result of the company's many years of experience in the manufacturing of aluminum composite panel sheets for the whole industry, it is among the most competitive choices available on the market today. In addition to that, we provide a varied assortment of alternative materials that can be used for facades. Our mission is to provide service that is unparalleled while at the same time providing the best possible return on the investment of time and money that our customer make in our organization.


Because steel coil products have high strength, good toughness and a wide variety of steel specifications, they are also widely used, ranging from general engineering structures to the manufacture of automobiles, bridges, ships, boilers and pressure vessels. For different purposes, the requirements for material performance, surface quality, dimension, shape accuracy, etc. of steel plates are also different

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