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Marble Look Aluminum Honeycomb Panel

It protects the structure from noise and sunlight while also shielding it from rain, wind, and snow. In an ideal situation, the cladding honeycomb panels would look fantastic, would endure a long time, and would make the residents feel happy.

Product introduction

Marble aluminum honeycomb panels feature a covering of marble color on one side and a true marble surface on the other side, both of which are supported by aluminum honeycomb. In addition to being carefully tested for lengthy extreme exterior circumstances, genuine marble honeycomb panel is the most often used outside cladding decoration.


1.Among the characteristics of this material are its low density, high intensity, high stiffness, and a stable structure.

2.This marble look aluminum honeycomb panel is one of the best-performing aluminum honeycomb panels due to its excellent flatness, high weatherproof, windproof, and pressing proof properties

3.Exceptional noise- and heat-insulation as well as strong shock resistance are some of the features of this product

Why us

Working together with client partners, architects, builders, and interior designers, Chongqing Zhongnan Julong company has assisted clients in completing projects in the public transit, commercial, and hospitality sectors as a dependable supplier.

marble look aluminum honeycomb panel are often the ideal choice for applications requiring a lightweight, high-strength composite panel with low weight and high strength. Any aspect of the product may be changed, allowing the creation of marble look aluminum honeycomb panel with the greatest qualities for the application in question. Marble look aluminum honeycomb panel panels are manufactured in a well-equipped workshop that complies with national safety regulations and guidelines. We are able to ensure high quality standards due to the expertise of our employees and the use of high-tech equipment. And our knowledgeable sales staff will take care of the delivery to consumers in a safe and timely manner, just as we promised.

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