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How To Select An ACP Sheet for Commercial Applications

Views: 224     Author: Julong     Publish Time: 2023-11-20      Origin: Site


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How To Select An ACP Sheet for Commercial Applications

The architectural industry moves quickly, with trends shifting as designs become more fluid and abstract. Many commercial structures have been designated as works of art, and homes exude luxury with exterior and interior cladding. Architects and designers have welcomed aluminum panel sheets as their muse to keep up with changing design trends.

When deciding on a commercial project, the building material is an important consideration. Quality sacrifice will unnecessarily result in more money spent on fixes that may arise later. When selecting ACP sheets for commercial projects, it is critical to consider larger aspects of service such as quality, delivery time, design, and product grade. Continue reading to find out how a commercial project of this size would select the best ACP panel from among the many options.

1. What is the fascination with the ACP Sheet?

The majority of modern architecture is influenced by New York, Dubai, and Singapore. Dubai has a significant influence on millennial architecture. Because the markets for ACP sheets in Dubai are highly concentrated, when rapid urbanization began in the Indian market, the same material flooded the Indian market.

As newcomers to the industry, we've seen buyers make mistakes and lose a lot of money because of poor decisions. As a result, we've compiled a list of factors to consider when purchasing aluminum panel sheets for residential or commercial projects.

2. What Are the Factors to Consider Before Purchasing an ACP Board?

2.1 ACP Sheet Design and Pattern

Aluminum composite panels are used in construction to improve the exteriors and interiors. As a result, picking the right design and pattern is critical.

Provide a blueprint of the exterior or interior design and patterns when purchasing the panel for a better selection of hues and ACP sheet series. Because it is an IT park, the Natural Stone, Desert, Metal Abstract, and Mirror finishes from Julong are preferable to the wooden ACP series. Glossy, Classic Sparkle or Wooden ACP sheets are ideal for farmhouses or interiors.

Tip: Always coordinate the exterior and interior colors and patterns.

2.2 Product or Material Grade

Not all aluminum panel sheets are suitable for every application. The distinction between core, thickness, and ACP grade has a significant impact on the selection of ACP sheets. Julong provides ACP in a variety of cores, properties, applications, and thicknesses.

Julong provides anti-bacterial, self-cleaning, and anti-scratch sheets, as well as LDPE and fire-retardant cores. These sheets are available in 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm aluminum corrugated core panels and ACP panels.

Use 3mm and 4mm panels for interior pick, and 4mm and 6mm panels for exterior pick.

2.3 Transit Time

A construction project cannot be halted due to late product deliveries. As a result, it is critical to select a company that has a large manufacturing unit as well as a strong supply chain and logistics management system.

To serve our client's best interests, we at Julong ensure prompt delivery through our robust supply chain. Julong has seven production lines that allow us to produce 7 million m2 of ACP sheets per year. Our daily output is worth Rs. 2.5 lakh. It ensures that the product is delivered on time to meet the construction needs in any remote corner of India and the countries to which we export our product.

To ensure the authenticity of a product, always purchase it from an authorized seller or supplier.

2.4 Certificates and Awards

When purchasing a product, you should learn about its quality. Any manufacturing company's certification allows you to learn about the product's credibility.

Julong is the only Indian company to have earned the highest fire safety accreditation for NFPA 285, as certified by Thomas Bell-Wright International Consultant for Julong's 7-Star FR-B1. We have a list of certificates that you can learn about by clicking here.

Purchase an ACP sheet with certification for fire safety and panel quality.

2.5 Finish and Texture

ACP boards are a visual way of attracting customers to the shop, so this aesthetic is essential. Glossy and matte finishes are available in our product line. Aside from that, our corten steel series, wooden ACP, and LED 3-D elevated signage board are all visually stunning.

The name of your brand or logo enhances the aesthetic look of the board; on a signboard, uniqueness is as important as the design. Keeping this in mind, Julong provides complete ACP board customization. Julong's ACP board is customized to meet the needs of the consumer, from color to design.

2.6 Application Field

Some ACP Boards can be installed on the roadside to provide information to motorists, while others are heavy and must be installed on the roof of a retail store. The thickness and design of the signage board are determined by the application.

The thin sheets of 3mm or 4mm are suitable for roadside signboards. While 4mm is suitable for retail shop signboards, these ACP boards are resistant to damage and do not break even in high winds.

2.7 ACP Board Quality

Quality cannot be compromised when purchasing a signage board. Examine the sheets carefully to ensure that they are free of bubbles and have smooth, ripple-free surfaces. Check to see if the sheets have any damage or cracks, and if they are scratch-resistant. ACP sheets of superior quality have scratch resistance of up to 3H.

Aside from checking the surface, smack the board hard on the table to ensure the quality is not subpar. Don't buy it if the board breaks at the corner or if a crack appears.

ACP boards are color-coated in an oven and then heated to the optimal temperature, ensuring that the color does not fade or peel off easily. Scratch the surface of the board with your fingernail or a scrapper to see if the paint comes off; if it does, don't buy it.

3. Conclusion

I hope you will consider these simple suggestions when purchasing aluminum composite panels. If you want to avoid the hassle of finding the right ACP sheet, contact Julong's expert team and make the appropriate purchase.