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Digital Printing Aluminum Composite Panel Custom

Specifications of the product
Antibacterial, anti-mildew, corrosion resistance, and anti-ultraviolet qualities are all examples of self-cleaning properties.


JuLong has been created exclusively for direct digital printing on flatbed printers. The improved coating method combined with the incredibly smooth and flat surfaces given by JuLong imply that even very fine lines and the tiniest letters can be produced at high rates. What is more, JuLong offers the highest possible adherence for UV curable and solvent-based inks.

JuLong variants have completed extensive print tests, in partnership with well-known manufacturers of digital printing equipment, obtaining flawless print quality and first-class results in the cross-cut test. Due to the panel’s outstanding flatness and limited change in thickness, a very tiny standoff distance between the print heads and the substrate is achievable.

JuLong contains 0.2 mm thick aluminum covering sheets, which are excellent for flat applications. In addition, JuLong is UV stable and temperature-resistant up to 80°C. This makes the panel excellent for both indoor and outdoor applications as a substrate for printed advertising boards, top-quality advertising campaign signs, trade fair constructions and even as a decorative printed objects for store window displays.

Application range

This material is frequently used in large-scale outdoor print advertising, traffic signs, interior design, supermarket posters, chain stores, petrol stations, door decorations, and external cladding in buildings, among other applications.

Equipment for sheet metal fabrication

l Cutting-edge technology

According to the theory of "first entry equipment, exquisite technology, professional detection personnel and equipment, to ensure product quality," zero defect, "layer upon layer checks from raw material procurement to semi-finished products, and finally to finished product packaging manufacturing, so as to achieve high-quality products," Chongqing Zhongnan JuLong Industrial Group Co., LTD.

l The program's accuracy.

In order to assist the company's multiple product testing, experimentation, and development requirements, the group's testing and development center was established. Along with basic instruments like a coating pencil scratch hardness meter and a digital display electronic tensile testing machine with an analytic balance, the process is rigorous, data accuracy is assured, and the final quality meets or surpasses requirements. Additional equipment includes an adhesion tester, UV-accelerated aging chamber, salt second-round exam chamber, among others.

digital printing aluminum composite panel (1)digital printing aluminum composite panel (2)digital printing aluminum composite panel (1)

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