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Copper Aluminium Composite Panel

Copper aluminum composite panel have a magnificent appearance that distinguishes them from other kinds of buildings of a similar nature. This cloth is available in a variety of colors and has excellent durability and usefulness.

Facade in copper

Copper is unique in that it has the potential to form a protective patina (oxide deposit) on the surface of its metal alloys. The use of Copper aluminum composite panel on facades and roofs allows them to survive for up to 100-150 years or even longer. The oxidation coating protects the material against the harmful effects of the surrounding environment. As a result, it is possible to retrieve it independent of mechanical variables. Many years ago, copper's unrivaled corrosion resistance made it the material of choice for builders.

Copper aluminum composite panel is made of two metal sheets, the front side of which is copper sheet and the back side of which is aluminum sheet, and is used for architectural facade cladding. It is especially recommended for new-construction ventilated facade sectors as well as for renovation work on existing buildings. It enables for the construction of ventilated, semi-ventilated, or airtight facades.

In practically every commercial application, JuLong's corrosion resistant copper aluminum composite panels give the essential design freedom and long-term performance that are required.


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