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Hyperboloid Solid Aluminum Sheet

It is a complex process to make hyperbolic solid aluminum sheet. To produce the finished products quickly, the company imports universal molding machines from Germany. High-precision and smooth surface enable hyperbola and sphere surfaces to be customized at will, creating a beautiful three-dimensional model. To solve the industry's technical difficulties, the company uses skin stretching techniques and three-dimensional modeling.

Product Introduction

It is a complex process to produce hyperbolic aluminum solid panel. To manufacture the finished products in a short period of time, the company uses special CNC hyperbolic software and universal molding machines imported from Germany. This high-precision product has a smooth surface and can be customized with spherical and hyperbolic surfaces, creating a three-dimensional sculpture that is unique and beautiful. By using skin stretching techniques and three-dimensional modeling principles, the company can overcome the technical difficulties encountered by the industry. By dividing welding production into flatness, the board's installation effect is better than "replace curves with straight lines and any other hyperbolic arc lines", making the company one of a limited number of manufacturers of hyperbolic, abnormally shaped aluminum panels in the industry. With hyperbolic aluminum solid panel, designers are provided with an enhanced design space, which fully demonstrates the unique characteristics of aluminum veneer on metal curtain walls.

Product features

Special features include a unique shape, light weight, resistant to UV rays, and multiple colors. It has a very Long service life, can be kept for 10-15 years without changing colour or deforming. And it is very cost-effective

Sheet metal equipment

Safety during production is one of the most important aspects.As an organization, we need to commit to implementing safety management policies based on the principle of prevention, which is to prevent future injuries. We should set a goal of zero injuries, monitor the performance of the management responsibility system, take every day as an opportunity for safety management, mobilize all employees to search for hidden hazards in the workplace, address these hazards in a timely manner, and eliminate future injuries.

Innovation in the field of technology.The company has hired technically proficient employees, purchased advanced equipment, established daily research and development goals every month, is developing new products in the specific category, conducting numerous tests and repeating tests repeatedly, starting to gain maturity in its technical ability, and applying for a number of technical patents, winning technological innovation awards.

Hyperboloid Solid Aluminum SheetHyperboloid Solid Aluminum SheetHyperboloid Solid Aluminum Sheet

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