Introduction to common aluminum veneer types

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Introduction to common aluminum veneer types

Aluminum veneer is a kind of high-quality metal decorative material, which has the performance characteristics of corrosion resistance, cold and heat resistance, long service life and long-term colorfastness. It is widely used in curtain wall decoration. There are many types of aluminum veneers, including fluorocarbon aluminum veneer, single curved aluminum veneer, hyperbolic aluminum veneer, carved aluminum veneer, etc. each kind of aluminum veneer has its performance characteristics and application scenarios. Here is a brief introduction to the types of aluminum veneers.


1、 Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer

Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer is a common aluminum veneer, which takes high-quality aluminum alloy as the substrate, is formed by numerical control bending, and the surface is sprayed with fluorocarbon paint. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer has excellent performance, light weight, good rigidity, good corrosion resistance, rain and snow resistance, sunlight radiation resistance, long service life and 25 years of color fastness. Fluorocarbon aluminum veneer also has good self-cleaning property, and the fluorocarbon paint layer on the surface has non adhesion, so it does not need to worry about maintenance.

2、 Wood grain aluminum veneer

Wood grain aluminum veneer is a kind of aluminum veneer coated with fluorocarbon aluminum veneer after vacuum treatment of Italian wood grain. Wood grain aluminum veneer also has the characteristics of light weight, good rigidity and high strength, and can be processed into plane, arc and other complex geometric shapes. Wood grain aluminum veneer is a common decorative material for high-end buildings because of its lifelike texture, gorgeous appearance, firm and wear-resistant pattern.

3、 Carved aluminum veneer

Carved aluminum veneer is an aluminum veneer material that carves the surface of aluminum veneer. The shape of carved aluminum veneer can be round hole, rectangle or flower shape. The shape is unlimited, and the patterns are exquisite, which has strong decoration. Carved aluminum veneer is a great test of the processing technology. The engraving efficiency of too thick aluminum veneer is low, and the engraving difficulty of too thin aluminum veneer is high. Therefore, the proportion of hollowed out and supporting parts needs to be accurately calculated before engraving, and bending, welding, grinding and other treatments need to be carried out after engraving. Therefore, it is necessary to find a manufacturer with this processing ability.

4、 Hyperbolic aluminum veneer

Hyperbolic aluminum veneer refers to two different arc surfaces overlapping on the same surface, that is, starting from a different center, draw an arc with two radii. Different from wavy single curved aluminum veneer, double curved aluminum veneer has complex processing process and high processing difficulty, so few manufacturers can produce double curved aluminum veneer. Double curved aluminum veneer, like other aluminum veneers, has strong weather resistance and corrosion resistance, can resist all kinds of corrosion, and has a long service life. It is the main material for curtain wall decoration.

5、 Stone grain aluminum veneer

The process of stone grain aluminum veneer is similar to that of wood grain aluminum veneer. The Italian stone grain film is transferred to the fluorocarbon paint layer of aluminum veneer after vacuum treatment. The appearance of stone grain aluminum veneer is close to nature, with decorative aesthetics, which can create a unique atmosphere, and the modeling effect is fresh and elegant.