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Wall Facade Copper Composite Panel

It is possible to get wall facade copper composite panel surfaces in a variety of colors, from copper to clear paint to bronze and so on, ranging in thickness from 3 to 6 millimeters. Copper may be used as an embellishment, or it can be left as is for a more natural look. The smooth and easy-to-process surface of the wall facade copper composite panel makes it extremely sterilizable and corrosion-resistant.

Product Introduction

Wall facade copper composite panels can be manufactured in a variety of colors such as copper, clear paint, bronze and many others, ranging in thickness from 3 millimeters up to 6 millimeters, and can range in color from copper to clear paint, bronze, etc.You can use copper as an embellishment, or you can leave it as it is if you want a more natural appearance from your copper.There are numerous benefits associated with the smooth surface of copper composite panels for wall facades such as being extremely sterilizable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to process.This design uses a traditional copper composite panel instead of a single copper plate which gives it a more traditional appearance.Various colors are utilized in the decorative process of a castle, and some of them are copper green and bronze, in order to create the impression of a magnificent, gorgeous building.

Standard specifications include a width of 600–1200 mm, a thickness of 0.05–1 mm, and a thickness of the copper plate.

There is a unique thermal composite bonding method that allows for the copper and PE engineering plastics to be thermally composited so that, under normal conditions, the copper-plastic board will not separate for over 50 years.

Features of the product

The advantages of copper include its excellent flatness, stiffness, strength, stability, and the ability to work into intricate designs with ease, making it an excellent ornamental metal and a magnificent metal for its ornamentation.

Spraying Equipment

Using advanced foreign technology, the firm has developed a continuous automated gas coating production line that is the world's leading intelligent continuous automated line that is controlled by a computer numerical control system.

A computer numerical control automated spraying line utilizing a suspended chain conveyor and three sets of Japanese Ransburg CNC electrostatic spray guns adheres closely to the ASTM standards and is equipped with three sets of Ransburg CNC electrostatic spray guns. The spraying line follows a strict ASTM standard.

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