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Fireproof Silicon-gold Composite Panel

The fireproof silicon-gold composite panel is made of inorganic silica, magnesium hydroxide, and a range of non-toxic, non-toxic, fireproof, and waterproof alloy elements. It is non-radioactive and odorless, and the raw materials utilized are free of formaldehyde, plasticizers, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Product Introduction

It is feasible to maintain a constant level of fresh inside air. Prior to leaving the facility, the raw material for the silicon gold board is baked and purified at a high temperature of 200-300 degrees Celsius to remove any potentially hazardous volatile components. The National Fire Test Center certifies that the product passed the Class A fire test and is hence non-combustible by nature. Due to the fireproof silicon-gold composite panel's great strength and hardness, it has a typical thickness of only 4 mm. Despite this, it is as strong and durable as a metal plate. If it becomes wet, it will not burn, will not get moldy, will not attract insects, and will not rust. Additionally, it has a slew of additional characteristics.

Product features

Non-toxic, nontoxic, green, and ecologically friendly; purification at high temperatures; fireproof and non-combustible; ultra-thin and ultra-light, but strong; Self-cleaning capability; high weather resistance; ease of processing; space-saving; infinitely multicolored; efficient and clean construction; Say good-bye to the age of smearing.

-Group Vision

To be the worldwide leader in curtain wall decorating by spreading our goods around the globe.

-Group Mission

To serve our nation, to ensure the happiness of our workers, to benefit our customers, to benefit society, and to protect the environment.

-Core Philosophy

Product philosophy: Customer first

Management philosophy: integrity and pragmatism

Quality concept: Excellent quality

Marketing concept: Mutual benefit and mutual advantage

Quality first

Safety first

Originated from professional

Win-win cooperation

Core concepts

Product philosophy: customer first, quality first

Management philosophy: integrity and pragmatism, safety first

Quality concept: excellent quality, from professional

Marketing philosophy: Mutual benefit, win-win cooperation

Work philosophy: sincere, pragmatic, high quality, efficient

Service concept: planning, fast, accurate, convenient and thoughtful

Staff philosophy: Respect talents, respect knowledge, create excellent team

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