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Punching Veneer Series

CNC punching aluminum veneer using stamping equipment, selected high-quality metal materials to the punching process different specifications or spend money to beautify the metal plate surface, due to the closed-made, can relieveA sense of oppression, indeed, broaden their horizons and feel of the space.

Product Introduction

When you use CNC punching aluminum veneer, you will be able to use stamping equipment to select high-quality metal materials, and you will be able to punch out various specifications as well as spend money to beautify the metal plate's surface, due to the closed-made, this can help relieve the oppression people may feel, and indeed, expand their horizons and feel of the space.Using CNC punching equipment to punch aluminum veneer, selected high-quality metal materials to fulfil different specifications in the punching process, or spending some money on beautifying metal plate surfaces, due to the closed-made, can relieve a sense of oppression and broaden their horizons and experience of an elegant appearance and feel to the space.In addition to being very easy to install, durable, and free of acoustic noise, it will not impact beneficial vents nor other heating devices.There are a number of lighting features and aspects of lighting.

Product features

elegant appearance, easy to fire proof, install, durable, acoustic noise, not the positive and negative air pressure affect beneficial vents or other deviceHeat, light and lighting features.We respect nature and conform to the high-quality design concept of nature.When industrialization and urbanization have changed our living environment, our artisans strive to find a balanced and self-renewing environment, reproduce the second nature, and beautify our living environment. Such as carved paintings unique urban characteristic culture, characteristic architecture, characteristic landscape, characteristic spirit. Our artisans carefully record the change of the city.

Aluminum veneer punched by CNC machines requires exquisite and delicate processes in order to be completed.To bring us fashion and personalized decorative arts, the designers deftly incorporated modern architectural elements into their designs.There are many ways to extend the depth of carving board to increase the spatial sense, light, and breathable effect of the flat plate.There are a variety of patterns, the hole size changes with the density of the object surface. This is due to the fact that different treatments can be combined with the environment and shape it so that the object looks dynamic.In this style, there are more crisp and elegant lines that break the traditional concept, making it suitable for a variety of modern senior clubs and offices.In addition to these occasions, there are several others.It is indeed functional and aesthetically pleasing new decorative forms that are emerging from a vibrant fashion family that opens up endless space for thought.

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