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Surplus Aluminum Honeycomb Panels

Aluminium Honeycomb Panels by Chongqing Zhongnan Julong company offer outstanding peel strength and toughness by showcasing excellent resilience and resistance to abrasion.

Product introduction

surplus aluminum honeycomb panels is a new lightweight building decoration material made of high quality aluminum alloy sheet, with numerical control and surface coating.The Honeycomb Panel never turns hard or brittle to the touch, as opposed to other Honeycomb Panels.With tensile strength of the cover sheets, beautiful aesthetic features, and outstanding processing properties, Chongqing Zhongnan Julong company ‘s Honeycomb Aluminium Panels have become the choice of many industry


(1) The first advantage is that the surplus aluminum honeycomb panels are made from aluminum plates, which are inherently non-combustible.

(2) (2) The honeycomb panels made from aluminum are treated with a chemical called epoxy fluorocarbon to provide the honeycomb panels with a strong corrosion resistance.After 48 hours of salt spray spraying, there were no pinholes, cracks or blisters.

(3) As an eco-friendly product, honeycomb panels are made of pure aluminum and do not release any gases that are harmful to humans, are non-radioactive, and can be recycled.

(4) Easy disassembly and assembly of aluminum honeycomb panels.Moreover, since it is light in weight and can be transported easily, it can be transported from one place to another to be used repeatedly.As far as partition plates go, this is unmatched by anything else on the market.

Features of the product

1. The texture is smooth and clear.

2. Aluminum honeycomb panels have excellent fire, corrosion, moisture, hardness, and strength properties.Prevention of corrosion, UV damage, and damage caused by rust.

3.It is designed to last a long time

4.Besides being highly flexible, the material can also be formed into a variety of complex shapes, and the back of the product can be filled with materials that provide insulation, sound insulation, and sound absorbing properties to create a product that is both more functional and more comfortable.

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