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Aluminum Composite Sign

aluminum composite signare more dependable. Nevertheless,aluminum composite signare more flexible, resistant to bending, and long-lasting, making them excellent for mitigating any effects that may be caused by severe weather.

Product introduction

aluminum composite sign is very durable and tenacious metal items. These signs are extremely strong. Because of their high level of adaptability and durability, they are appropriate for a substantial number of different uses. This media can be applied in the creation of a wide variety of things, from attractive wall art works for exhibitions to regulatory displays for public streets.


1. Rich colors and strong decoration: the layer surface of aluminum-plastic plate can be made into various colors to carry out pattern design matching all purposes. Curtain wall decorated with aluminum plastic plate and gorgeous glass curtain

The wall is no inferior to the elegant stone curtain wall. Under the sunlight, its surface is gorgeous and dignified, while avoiding light pollution. Aluminum (or other gold) with the same rigidity or thickness

Compared with glass and stone, its quality is much smaller.

2. Good rigidity: aluminum plastic plate skillfully uses the mechanical principle of I-steel structure and skillfully endows it with unique mechanical properties. Compared with single-layer aluminum plate, its elastic limit is larger and it is not easy to change

Shape, in the natural state without too much external force, can maintain good flatness for a long time.

3. Good durability: aluminum plastic plate adopts the thermal composite technology of metal and core material, which is firmly bonded. Its surface coating adopts different materials according to the different use environment, and generally adopts three types of coatings, namely fluorocarbon

Paint, polyester paint, acrylic paint, among which fluorocarbon paint has better weather resistance, and is mostly used in curtain wall decoration and special occasions. Experimental research shows that it can be used for 20 years in outdoor harsh environment


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