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Stainless Steel Stamped Plate

Stainless steel is typically the material of choice in conditions where there is a high probability of being subjected to any form of corrosive atmosphere. Because of its high strength, long lifespan, and resistance to scratching, stainless steel is utilized in a wide number of applications, including stainless steel tags, nameplates, stainless plates, panels, and backing.

Product introduction

stainless steel stamped plate are famous for their superior resistance to abrasion.


1.Stamping is a processing method with high efficiency and low cost. It is suitable for the production of large quantities of parts, easy to realize mechanization and automation, and has high production efficiency. At the same time, stamping can not only strive to achieve less waste and no waste production, but also make full use of the leftover materials even in some cases, so as not to cause waste.

2.Simple operation, easy to organize production. Under the condition of mass production, the cost of stamping parts is low.

3.Under the simple stamping of the press, various parts and products with complex shapes that are difficult to be processed by other processing processes can be obtained.

5. The stamped parts generally do not need further machining. It has high dimensional accuracy.

6. Stamping parts have good interchangeability. The stability of stamping processing is good. The same batch of stamping parts can be exchanged with each other without affecting the assembly and product performance.

7. Because most stamping parts use plates as materials, their surface quality is good, which provides convenient conditions for subsequent surface treatment processes (such as electroplating, painting, etc.).

8. Stamping processing can obtain parts with high strength, high stiffness and light weight under the condition of low cost


1. Light weight, good rigidity and high strength

2. Good corrosion resistance;

3. Good workmanship; The punching aluminum plate can be machined into a plane by adopting the process of processing first and then painting

4. Uniform coating and various colors;

5. Convenient and fast installation and construction

6. Recyclable and beneficial to environmental protection; Punched aluminum plate recyclable

stainless steel stamped plate (3)stainless steel stamped plate (1)

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