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Steel Honeycomb Sheet

It has been demonstrated that steel honeycomb sheet are appropriate for installation even in environments with severe weather conditions. We carry out exhaustive examinations of a variety of the product's physical characteristics in order to verify that it maintains its strength and conforms to all applicable safety standards when subjected to a variety of conditions.

Product introduction

Our years of experience in the sector have equipped us with the knowledge necessary to manufacture steel honeycomb sheet that are both lightweight and strong. As a witness to the high level of performance that our panels are capable of, each one of them has been tested.


1. The color of the board is uniform

Because the aluminum plate surface is coated by continuous roller coating technology, and it is completed at one time, the color is very uniform and smooth. Compared with other coated plates, its surface is made of

It is treated with fluorocarbon resin with strong corrosion resistance, so it has very strong corrosion resistance and scratch resistance.

2. Diverse colors

Aluminum honeycomb panels are not only coated with a variety of colors and styles, but also coated with fluorocarbon spraying, polyester spraying, etc. *, and the color selection can be processed into more on the basis of pure color

The color variety can well meet the preferences of the public and choose the style and color you like. This is very advantageous, so there are relatively many people to choose.

3. Sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention and thermal insulation

Because each honeycomb in the honeycomb core is closed separately, it blocks the flow of air and can effectively isolate and spread the air, so the sound insulation effect is very obvious. The aluminum plate is

Incombustible materials, in addition, can also play the role of fire prevention.

4. Environmental protection, energy saving and convenient installation

Honeycomb panel is an all aluminum structure, which is very economical and environmentally friendly, cost-effective, relatively low cost, and durable.

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