Let you know what aluminum plastic plate is

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Let you know what aluminum plastic plate is

Today, I would like to introduce to you what is aluminum-plastic plate: the material, classification, specification, characteristics and purpose of aluminum-plastic plate. In 3 minutes, you will thoroughly understand what aluminum-plastic plate is.

What is the material composition of aluminum plastic plate?

The composition of aluminum-plastic plate is very similar to "sandwich". Why do you say so? Because the aluminum-plastic plate, also known as aluminum-plastic composite plate, is composed of a plastic core layer in the middle, with aluminum layers on both sides, and a decorative coating with protective properties will be coated on the outside of the aluminum layer. Is it like a sandwich?


What are the classification and specifications of aluminum-plastic plates?

After knowing the composition of aluminum-plastic plate, let's follow Xiaobian to understand the classification and general specifications of aluminum-plastic plate. There are many classifications of aluminum-plastic plates according to different classification standards: according to product functions - fire-proof aluminum-plastic plates, antistatic aluminum-plastic plates, antibacterial aluminum-plastic plates, mold proof aluminum-plastic plates, etc; If it is distinguished according to the decorative effect - color printed aluminum-plastic plate, coating / film decorative aluminum-plastic plate, etc. It can also be distinguished according to the functions of aluminum-plastic plates. The functions of aluminum-plastic plates will be discussed in detail below, and will not be repeated here.

As for the specification of aluminum-plastic plate, the length, width and height will vary according to the main purpose and different use scenarios: common specifications: length 2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm; The width is 1220mm, 1250mm, etc., and the minimum thickness is generally 4mm.

What are the characteristics of aluminum plastic plate?

There are many characteristics of aluminum-plastic panels, and because of these characteristics, aluminum-plastic panels are also widely used in various architectural and decorative scenes. The characteristics of aluminum-plastic board mainly include light weight, high strength, fire prevention, moisture resistance, strong decoration, and can be used in sound insulation and other scenes. It is cheap and has a long service life.

What are the main uses of aluminum plastic plate?

Aluminum plastic plate has so many characteristics, so what are the main applications? It is mainly about building curtain wall and interior and exterior decoration. The first is the well-known curtain wall. The three representative materials of the curtain wall are: stone, glass and aluminum-plastic plate. It can be seen that the use frequency of aluminum-plastic plate is high; The second major application scenario is the interior and exterior decoration of buildings: such as ceiling, elevator, billboard dust room wall materials, and plant wall materials. In addition, it can also be used for the renovation and refitting of the external walls of old buildings. Because of its sound insulation effect, it can be used for the sound insulation materials of balconies and compartments, as well as industrial materials, the body of cold insulation vehicles, etc. To sum up, aluminum-plastic panels are widely used and used, and they are also a kind of building materials that are particularly common in the building decoration market.

Well, today I'll briefly introduce the aluminum-plastic plate to you. If you choose aluminum-plastic plate, you also need to find a professional aluminum-plastic plate Shengchang sales manufacturer to better meet your needs.