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Nomex Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

Nomex honeycomb sandwich panels is an extremely lightweight, strong, non-metallic product manufactured with aramid paper impregnated with a heat resistant phenolic resin.


Introduction to Nomex honeycomb sandwich panels

This core material offers unique combination of properties which allows superior electrical insulation. Aramid paper is used in boat hulls, auto racing bodies and military shelters. Furthermore it’s very appreciated by the aeronautical, railway and shipyard industry.

Why choose us?

JuLong's Nomex Honeycomb sandwich panels are a lightweight composite sheet with a Nomex Honeycomb core that is ideal for use in a variety of applications. Nomex honeycomb is the industry standard for non-metallic composite construction that is lightweight and strong. Commercial Grade honeycomb consisting of aramid fiber paper covered with heat resistant phenolic resin and offering great resilience, low density, reduced price, and a high strength to weight ratio are all advantages of commercial grade honeycomb.

Construction with the least amount of material

When high strength-to-weight ratios are needed, fabricators turn to this sandwich core for assistance. This honeycomb is made of JuLong Nomex® paper that has been phenolic coated and is of aerospace-grade aramid fiber. It is used in the aerospace industry. As a result of its over-expanded cell structures, it is more flexible, which makes it ideal for usage in curves with narrow radius radiuses. In addition to aircraft galleys and floors, Nomex® core honeycomb is also utilized in aircraft leading and trailing edges, missile wings, radomes, antennas, military shelters, fuel tanks, helicopter rotor blades, and naval bulkhead joiner panels.

High fire resistance as well as thermal insulating properties bonds effectively with epoxy, polyester, and vinyl ester resins (as well as most adhesives), resulting in less peeling of the coating. It is possible that the total length and breadth of these sheets will increase greatly as a result of cell growth owing to the nature of this material.

Nomex® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, and it is used with the consent of the company.

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