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Feve Aluminium Composite Panel

On the front surface of these panels, FEVE paints are used to cover the polyethylene core sandwiched between two layers of aluminum skin, which are then coated with FEVE paints on the front surface.


Since it is weather resistant, it is more suitable for projects involving the decorating and installation of curtain walls on the outside of buildings.There's a chance that aluminum composite panels will come in glossy hues, in contrast to aluminum panels that come with PVDF coatings.


Construction of outside cladding and curtain wall systems for buildings: FEVE coated ACP for outdoor usage with outstanding weatherproofing properties. In addition, panel thicknesses of 4mm or 5mm are recommended, with aluminum skin thicknesses of 0.30mm, 0.40mm, or 0.50mm.


Sincere and trustworthy, keep improving. Honesty is the foundation of a person, the way of a family, the way of making friends, the foundation of politics, the soul of doing business, and good medicine for the soul. On the basis of honesty, the company carries forward the spirit of innovation and constantly pursues perfection in excellence.


Maintain strict adherence to contracts and programmes when it comes to arranging materials.


It is the responsibility of the Quality Examining Supervisor and the specialized technical personnel to ensure the quality of every single plate produced in the factory.The quality examination supervisor will arrange to have the first party, the inspection party, and the construction party come to the building site to check the products strictly according to quality standards after the materials have arrived on the site.


There is a possibility of the construction coordination of the installation process to occur after the acceptance of qualified providers, and they can guide the on-site processing and provide timely feedback about product quality, quantity and a series of circumstances affecting the construction process.

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