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3d Corrugated Aluminum Composite Panel

This high-quality 3d corrugated aluminum composite panel for digital UV printing (advertising board) may be used for a wide range of applications. This product features a flat and smooth surface, which enables for clearer printing as well as good ink adsorption performance.

Product Introduction

It conforms with the RoHS requirements established by the European Union, as well as the REACH regulations. It's a whole different piece of marketing collateral.

Scope of application

As well as the many applications for which this panel is used, it is widely used in many areas in printing applications, including large-scale outdoor advertising, traffic signs, interior design, supermarket posters, posters for chain stores, posters for petrol stations, door decorations and curtain walls in buildings, among others.

Equipment for sheet metal fabrication

l Technology that is cutting-edge

It adheres to the theory that it will be possible to produce high-quality products through the utilization of first entry equipment, exquisite technology, professional detection personnel, and equipment. Chongqing Zhongnan JuLong Industrial Group Co., LTD. is committed to producing high-quality products.

l The program's precision

The advancement of technology

It uses advanced technology, professional detection personnel, and advanced detection equipment to ensure product quality at Chongqing Zhongnan Julong Industrial Group Co.,LTD.After the raw materials are procured, semi-finished products are produced, and finished products are packaged, a series of layers of checks are carried out to ensure the quality of the final product.

The team concept

An understanding of talent's values

The qualities of a loyal employee include loyalty to the company, loyalty to the career, and loyalty to the individual.

A focus on customer service, excellent service.

As well as border discipline and law, unity and cooperation are essential.

A talent development program

Ensure that a talent echelon is built through the introduction, training, innovation, and reuse of talents, love talents and cherish talents, talent strategy, elicit a win-win situation, and encourage the development of both talents and enterprises.

3d corrugated aluminum composite panel (2)3d corrugated aluminum composite panel (1)3d corrugated aluminum composite panel (1)

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