What is the proper way to maintain and clean aluminum composite panels?

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What is the proper way to maintain and clean aluminum composite panels?

Cleaning aluminum composite panels with baking paint requires the assistance of a professional. By keeping the aluminum film clean and preventing damage, cleaning ensures the long-term quality of the corrosion-resistant coating.

When aluminum composite panels are stained with hard-to-remove asphalt or when common cleaning agents cannot be used, try removing them with a brush. It is imperative that you do not use a stiff brush, especially one made of iron. If a medicated "active oil" is applied to the skin, unexpected results may occur. Give it a try.

More and more customers are supporting aluminum composite panels due to their beauty, generosity, safety, and comfort. In order to make aluminum panels last for a long time, you can clean them first and then wax them on the wheels.

Cleaning aluminum composite panels

When an aluminum composite panel is cleaned with a high-temperature detergent, chemical reactions will occur on its surface, resulting in the panel losing its luster and beauty. It is recommended that aluminum plastic plates be thoroughly cleaned in order to prevent saltwater corrosion on aluminum surfaces. Before cleaning an aluminum composite panel that has reached a high temperature, it should be allowed to cool naturally. When cleaning, do not use cold water.

Keep away from sharp objects. Sharp objects touching the aluminum composite panel not only seriously scratch the surface, but also affect its performance, which is undoubtedly a bad influence. Clean the surface in time. The aluminum composite panel will retain traces of rain for a long time and should be cleaned in time.

When storing aluminum composite panels, they must be separated from the ground and supported by a separate plate. In most factories, aluminum composite panels are stored on shelves. Use a mild detergent to clean. Remove, clean, and take protective measures immediately if the dirt on the surface is difficult to remove with a neutral cleaner.

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