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Aircraft Floor Panel Material

These raw materials are utilized in the production of panels for military, commercial, and business aircraft.

Product introduction

aircraft floor panel materials are used to make panels.

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• Industry standards

Enterprises are more likely to be able to operate sustainably and thrive if they ensure high levels of security for their operations.


1. The material that is used in the construction of aircraft floor panels has a high bearing capacity and is light and rigid, it has excellent flatness, and it is not easily deformed.

2. Energy and environmental conservation, sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proofing, fire prevention, wind pressure and earthquake resistance, weather resistance, and other technologies which contribute to preserving energy and the environment.

3. The ease of maintenance and installation of the product, along with its excellent plasticity make it a popular choice.Furthermore, the finish paint is also chemically resistant to corrosion, so besides its durability and weatherproofing properties, it also exhibits a long shelf life.

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