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Honeycomb Fiberglass Panels

Its qualities are more uniform as a result of the core's having three orientations as opposed to the two orientations that are typical of honeycomb panels. Each cell has a tubular shape and is naturally stable by its own nature.

Product introduction

honeycomb fiberglass panels display a distinctive cell structure. Different surface materials are variable, such as steel, aluminum, wood, reinforced fiberglass (FRP), paper, thin marble, and other high strength composite materials; consequently, plastic honeycomb cores are widely used in boat, yatch port,bridge,truck body,building (construction), and FRP reinforced fiber glass container applications, amongst other applications. Honeycomb Sandwich board is frequently used in the marine industry as a structural material for applications including hulls, decks, bulkheads, tanks, canopies, and cases.


l In terms of weight, one of the primary reasons for using aluminum honeycomb panels is that they demonstrate a superior strength-to-weight ratio when compared with traditional materials.

l Strength: The ability to configure panels with a variety of materials enables us to create a much stronger panel than can be accomplished with a solid structure.Having said that, the skill is in analyzing all of the material choices available to meet your specifications and then selecting those that will provide the greatest functionality at the lowest possible cost

l The use of Fiberglass Prepreg in the fabrication of structural skins can offer high tensile strength and compressive strength, dimensional stability, design flexibility, and excellent electrical resistance.

l In order to increase the stiffness of the fiberglass honeycomb panel, a thicker aluminum honeycomb core can be used without substantially increasing the weight and cost of the final product.

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