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Aerospace Honeycomb Core

Aluminum honeycomb is particularly ideal for use as a shear carrying core in adhesive bonded sandwich panel assemblies due to the material's high strength-to-weight properties and comparatively inexpensive cost. In particular, the material gives the designer strong strength-to-weight properties.

Product introduction

aerospace honeycomb core primarily intended for application in sandwich construction so as to facilitate the production of highly engineered structural components.


• Advanced equipment

Chongqing Zhongnan Julong Industrial Group Co,LTD. In order to ensure product quality, the company utilizes first entry equipment, advanced technology, professional detection personnel, and advanced detection equipment. As raw materials are procured, semi-finished products are made, and finally finished products are packaged and tested, providing quality assurance at every stage.• Program accuracy

Tests, experiments, and research conducted by the Development and Testing Center of the company are a part of the company's testing and development activities as part of its testing and development activities.Analytic balance, the solvent resistance and competition apparatus, the adhesion tester, the ultraviolet aging chamber, the second-round salt test chamber, the coating pencil scratch hardness meter, and a large number of other measuring instruments are shown in the mirror burnish set.


(1) This aluminum plate has a honeycomb core that is noncombustible and is used in aerospace applications.

(2) In addition, the honeycomb core of aerospace products is treated with epoxy fluorocarbon as one of the coatings to provide corrosion resistance.It has been 48 hours since the salt spraying was completed. No pinholes, cracks, or blisters are present.

(3) There are three main reasons why honeycomb panels are so environmentally friendly: honeycomb panels are made of pure aluminium, which is a material that does not release harmful gases into the atmosphere, is non-radioactive, and can be recycled.As an environmentally friendly product, it is one of the best on the market

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