Advantages of aluminum veneer

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Advantages of aluminum veneer

 1. light weight: aluminum veneer is much lighter than stone, at the same time it will not be like the solid paste tile, how many years it will fall off.

 2. good texture: because the aluminum veneer is after all a metal material, metal flatness is naturally very high, and the aluminum veneer surface after this fluorocarbon spraying this treatment process and chrome plating this treatment process, its self-cleaning is particularly good.

 3. self-cleaning: this kind of aluminum veneer if say fall on some dust, for example, like the northern sandy wind, fall on the dust after if say a few rain, because it does not have static electricity, it does not adsorb the dust, rain will take these surface dust washed away, it overall present out how many years, it is also a kind of, is a new effect for a long time.

 4. stability: aluminum veneer will not be like some cheap paint facade, time will be cracked, and then some will molting, and even some bad project, it will appear that kind of facade have fallen off after, revealing the kind of insulation layer will happen.

 5. isolation: look at the overall aluminum veneer, the inner side with 10 centimeters of rock wool insulation layer, the middle in fact, how many meters, will do another layer of this horizontal rock wool kind of treatment, in fact, it is a fire protection, consider to prevent the flame to rise after the whole building to burn, so it is a fire (isolation zone) of a treatment, and then it is the bottom side of the foundation of this, the cement Level to play this steel skeleton, and then the inside, tied to the sticky cotton after he did this hanging net, brush cement mortar to level, alkali, moisture-proof a basic, and then use this steel frame to fix this aluminum veneer.

    So why say aluminum veneer in the future may, let's not say completely impossible to fall off, but it is absolutely possible to fall off than this paste the tile to be much lower, at the same time may be much lower than the stone shedding, because the stone after all, it is heavy.

It may be subject to strong wind and rain and other factors sway, and even some other accidents, it is with rivets to this keel for a fixed, so very strong, while its dense seams, will use this seal, the gap in the middle of this aluminum plate to carry out some filling, while using this sealant to close the mouth, so do not worry about this rain directly penetrate into the inside of this layer, for the whole For the whole building, it has four or five centimeters of this kind of space, this space is actually inside the air, this air actually also plays a heat insulation, a heat insulation layer of a kind of effect, summer time hot air will rise directly, and then it will form a, internal convection, the hot air gradually take away, so it ensures the whole building temperature of this kind.

    Aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum window panels, aluminum hook and loop panels, various aluminum profiles, etc., are widely used in airports, subways, stations, exhibition halls, stadiums, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, shopping malls, residential buildings and other indoor and outdoor decoration projects ......