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Anodized Honeycomb

Anodized aluminum honeycomb panels take anodized Al-Mg Alloy as front skin and corrosion coated aluminum sheet as back skin inside is aluminum honeycomb cores.



1.Honeycombs made of anodized metal are lightweight, rigid, and easy to work with, have a large bearing capacity, are very flat, and do not readily deform.

2.There are several factors that affect the efficiency and environment of a building, including the insulation; the sound insulation; the heat insulation; the moisture proofing; the fire prevention; the resistance to wind and earthquakes; and the resistance to weather.

3.A few of the advantages are that it is easy to install and maintain, as well as that it is very plastic.

4.Furthermore, the finish paint also exhibits chemical corrosion resistance in addition to having long-lasting color and weather resistance.


Anodized aluminum honeycomb panel is becoming more popular as a wall cladding material due to the following three benefits of the material:

1.Aluminum honeycomb panel made of anozided aluminum is an innovative, durable, and aesthetically pleasing construction material. Anodizing is a procedure that is distinct from the conventional aluminum painting method. Electrolyzing the conductive acid electrolyte with electric current causes the aluminum surface to become anodized, resulting in the formation of a thick protective oxide coating on the metal surface. Because the oxide film is not an extra layer, such as paint, it will not flake off. Safe, energy-efficient, and recyclable.

2.The Anodized aluminum honeycomb panels is a kind of inorganic material that does not include any potentially dangerous substances. The fact that the components are nonflammable and recyclable makes it not only safe to use but highly energy-saving as well. It is simple to clean and maintain.

3.The anodized aluminum honeycomb surface is anti-pollution and weather resistant due to the use of a special coating. Honeycomb panel surfaces are free of dust and fingerprints thanks to a particular component in the oxide protection film's oxide component.

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