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Aluminium Round Core Aviation Panel

Full-dimensional three-layer structure built of AL3003 aluminum alloy material and thermally composited using a proprietary bonding process, the Aluminum Round Core Aviation Panel has a high level of strength and durability.

Product Introduction

Using a variety of metal curtain wall panels, it has the advantages of excellent surface flatness, light weight and high strength, a small compressive change rate, a unique texture, good weather resistance, ease of processing, good fire resistance, and a high depreciation recovery rate, among other things. The board's bending resistance is improved by the board's distinctive comer folding structure, which also increases the board's resistance to wind pressure and the cyclic load cycle. At the same time, it has improved waterproofing, anti-corrosion, and anti-permeability properties, allowing it to maintain the same life span as the board and the structure it is installed on.

Product features

1.As a result, the board has a very high level of flatness, and the rate of change in resistance to wind pressure is relatively slow in comparison to other products.

2.This product has an extremely high corrosion resistance, as well as excellent self-cleaning characteristics

3.An arbitrarily chosen form designed to enhance the attractiveness of a person's personality in the eyes of others

4.In addition, it has exceptional fire resistance; it meets the requirements for fire protection.

5.It is a lightweight material that can be easily manufactured and installed, and it is also simple to produce.

Sheet metal equipment

• Advanced equipment

To ensure quality of its products, the company utilizes first entry equipment, advanced technology, professional detection personnel, and advanced detection equipment to ensure quality. Chongqing Zhongnan Julong Industrial Group Co.,LTD.A series of layers of checks commences with the procurement of raw materials, continues with the manufacture of semi-finished products, and finally ends with the packaging of finished products, thus ensuring that the quality of the final products is of the highest quality.

• Program accuracy

The company's Development and Testing Center is where product tests, experimentation, and research are carried out as part of the testing and development processes. Mirror burnish sets the first measuring tools, the coating pencil scratch hardness meter, the analytic balance, the film experimentation apparatus used to test solvent resistance and competition, the adhesion tester, the ultraviolet aging chamber, the second-round salt test chamber, and a variety of other tools. The procedure is exact, the information is correct, and the outcomes are in line with the specifications.

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